Eleonora Borisovna Kantemir is the direct descendant of Prince Dmitri Kantemir, Prince of Moldavia, Prince of the Russian Empire, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, and Imperial Chancellor to Peter the Great.

Her family’s refugee status in the United States compelled her father to stimulate multi-culture awareness, particularly of his time in Russia. After growing up in Connecticut and working as a flight attendant out of Iceland and New York, Eleonora eventually settled in Los Angeles, where she began the arduous endeavor of researching her family’s past. In time, she visited their former estate in Moscow, found her long lost sister in Azerbaijan, and was informed as to why the Kantemirs had been the target of intelligence operatives. Through this, she learned that her own true identity was that of a Princess: Princess (Her Serene Highness) Eleonora Borisovna Kantemir