A Note from the Author

Welcome distinguished guests, to an astounding adventure spanning time and incredible circumstance.  You will relive and become part of history as you follow the extraordinary lives of the Kantemirs.  

I believe that each family has a chosen one, one who has the calling to find their ancestors, to put flesh on their bones, and make them come alive.          

As a child, a good number of things about my legacy were revealed to me, but it only whetted my appetite to know more. The older I got, the more curious I became. I wanted to know more about lives of the Kantemirs, their historical accomplishments, and their contributions. Who were they and what were their lives like? Above all, I thirsted for answers because stories of deception still occurred in our family and those associated with us. I found the circumstances surrounding my father’s death and others ever more suspicious. I wondered why mysterious, unexplained events still followed the living descendants of the Kantemir dynasty - and most especially, me—into the twenty-first century. 

What hidden secrets and surprises did the Kantemir dynasty harbor? This is my story.

—Princess Eleonora Borisovna Kantemir, Fall 2017